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some new information out of hawaii to share? >> that's right. want to explain what a warning is versus a watch. remember as you pointed out there is a watch for the entire west coast of the united states and canada, but there is a tsunami warning in affect for hawaii. and it is for all of the hawaii an islands. there is a warning when there is an imminent threat of a tsunami. the governor of hawaii ordered the evacuation of everybody in a low-lying area. it just so happens our own courtney friel is in hawaii and just telephoned into us. what is the situation there? >> hi, greg, i'm on maternity leave. my husband's family is out here and we were on vacation and down having dinner in waikiki at a popular restaurant and these japanese tourists were all on their phones and we pr like,-- we were like, why are they so busy? it turns out the alert came across that there was a tsunami watch and then we ran outside and the sirens started going off that the warning was in affect. we hoped in the car and tried to make it back up the hill which is where my husband's family lives, and everyone is t
hawaii, australia, new zealand, all getting advisory, as well. the biggest concern is the tsunami wave that struck japan which is higher than some pacific islands and could rush right over them. first waves are expected to hit hawaii at 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. that's 8:00 eastern, 3:00 a.m. local time. there have been evacuations from coastal areas. civil defense sirens sounded at about 10:00 p.m. local time across hawaii. fires triggered by the earthquake in japan, also burning out of control. just incredible pictures here up and down the coast, including one at an oil refinery according to the country's prime minister, there is, quote, major damage in northeastern japan, but nuclear power facilities in the area were not damaged we're told and there has been no radiation leakage. this is video of when the earthquake hit. truck struck at 2:46 p.m. local time. followed by 12 powerful of taker shocks oig, seven of them measures at least 6.3. that is the size of the earthquake that struck new zealand just last month.that is earthquake that struck new zealand just last month.m
the tsunami warning, particularly the one in affect for hawaii that they are looking at to start possibly around 3:00 a.m. has that changed or is that still in affect? >> no, it is still in affect. there was some interesting wording where they said "a tsunami has been generated that could cause damage along all of the islands in the state of hawaii. urgent action should be taken to protect lives and property." that's a strong statement when they say urgent action should be taken to protect lives and property. anyonen hawaii needs to be watching this. >> we want to make sure anyone out there that may have walked away and didn't hear that, rick i want you to read that again because have you it in front of you. >> yeah, this is from the pacific tsunami warning center when they upgraded to warning they said, "a tsunami has been generated that could cause damage along all islands of hawaii. urgent action should be taken to protect lives and property." that last statement is a strong statement that there could be something -- that there is big concern that a sue thatsunami is headed in that dir
shallow land. they get closer toward the coast. again, it will hit hawaii first and it will wrap around. it's not just one wave but it will wrap around. when that would happen it would be 3:00 a.m. our time. if it does arrive it would be around 8:08:00 a.m.. for now we go to jade hernandez. she is along the coast. >> reporter: i have to tell you we just learned a command post has been set up three minutes from here at a nearby high school. five different fire departments will converge to aid the pacific of fire department in case of possible evacuations. no evacuations have been made so far this morning. no plans have been made to evacuate. of course there are preparations being made just in case. the tsunami warning was called 45 minutes after midnight. i spoke to a couple residents who seem to think that waves are pretty normal for the shift in tides at this point. but with a tsunami warning there is a possibility of flooding. waves are expected to crest between two and four feet. we spoke to the car load of onlookers that came here to pacifica to see the waves. they are from daly cit
on hawaii as they brace for that tsunami. this is video from last night on awahoo or the big island of hawaii shortly after the tsunami sirens were activated. they are still activating the sirens. it's in hawaii. they have issued the tsunami warnings for hawaii and the entire pacific coast including here. the waves will hit the heinz coastlines. they were expected 30 minutes ago. we spoke to carter evans on the phone that is on awahoo. >> as you were talking japan issued an alert they are telling thousands of residents that live near a nuclear power plant they have to evacuate. let's go to steve paulson who is watching the bay area. >> it's supposed to around 5:00 a.m. our time or 3:00 a.m. their time. for us we do have a tsunami warning out. it's not always the first wave. it can be the second and third. this can go on for a couple hours after 8:08:00 a.m. when the first waves are expected to arrive. we are going into a low tide. it's not only the coastal areas but the bay area as well. if things do continue to materialize and we will get some idea from hawaii here in a few minutes
with keep our dear friend in japan in your thoughts and prayers. that is the u.s. military in hawaii. we work closely with them on a number of stories. they put those thoughts and prayers out to close allies in japan, you can guarantee a plan is being put in place to help with search and rescue and support of any type. the good news is all of our elements, installations and men and women are accounted for in japan, which means they can go forward and be very aggressive in helping our allies as they deal with this horrible tragedy. god forbid they have to help us too depending on what happens in hawaii or the west coast in the u.s. >> it is a minute past the top of the hour, probably time to update folks who are tuning in. a powerful tsunami spawned by the largest earthquake in japan's recorded history slammed the eastern coast of japan sweeping away cars, homes and people. widespread fires are burning along the coastline. there's a report that at least 17 or dead, but surely that number will go up and it will go up considerably, shaourg into the hundreds. the magnitude 8.9 quake was foll
, a five foot wave, you said by the time it gets to hawaii, you expect that to be a be a larger wave by the time it gets to hawaii. and because of the layout, you expect it to be higher. what kind of damage -- if we do hear that. it doesn't sound like a lot. but what can kind of damage can that kind of a wave really do? >> well, when a wave that has an amplitude of 5 feet, if it's only a surfing wave, it doesn't do very much. but if it's a tsunami, which is say 10 minutes from one wave to the next, that means it has a tremendous amount of water in it and it can flood inland conceivably, you know, 1/4 mile or something. and if it comes in with any force, it will pick things up and carry them into other things and you can get damage and all sorts of things happening. so it's a -- >> sorry, we're just getting in information i'd like to get your take on. the spokesman for the red cross and red crescent expressing fears that these tsunami -- the waves from the tsunami could be so high that they would wash over entire islands in the pacific. what can you do in that case? how can you prepar
as hawaii. this is a look at the kron 4 seismograph. that's the left side of your screen. you can see the quake's gigantic size. the quake was centered 80 miles off japan's eastern coast near the city of sendaih. japanese television networks are showing major damage right now. you can see where all of the cars have been moved and pushed into the water from the shaking. nhk television shows the cars and trucks and houses being swept away by a tsunami this. it is friday afternoon in japan -- there. it is friday afternoon in japan. no one is reported injured at this time but reports are still coming in. the quake hit at 2:46 in the afternoon and it was followed by a 7.4 magnitude aftershock. there are no reports of injuries now as we said. kron 4's jacqueline bennett is here to tell us more about the tsunami dangers. >> the usgs is working to confirm the tsunami actually happened and i just got the information off the wire here. they say the tsunami has been generated and when no major waves occur for two hours the threat will have passed. there is a tsunami watch in effect right now for
. >> and the tsunami heading towards 20 different countries in the pacific, including our pacific coast in hawaii. the president has weighed in. he was woken up by his chief of staff, bill daley, at 4:00 this morning. so far no, reports of u.s. casualties, u.s. citizens in japan, being hurt. >> we know that military bases in japan, and there are several bases there. and are taking aircraft because narita airport is closed. and debris, cars on the runways of the airport. you can see the massive wall of water and mud and debris, being pushed ashore. it's an enormous tsunami. >> here's what the earthquake felt and sounded like when it hit. [ rumbling ] >> it went on for quite some time. the u.s. navy chief now says u.s. facilities in japan are safe. but juju chang is here. and the death toll now up to 40. >> absolutely. and sadly, those numbers will likely mount. the japanese prime minister is calling for calm, as his country mounts a massive emergency response. japan's military is being dispatched to the quake zone. airports have been shut down. subways have been shut down. workers in tokyo, hundre
far. there is a tsunami warning in hawaii and parts of the u.s. west coast today friday, march hawaii and parts of the u.s. west coast today friday, march 11, 2011. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm ann curry in for matt. this was a powerful earthquake. the images are stunning out of japan. it shows the tsunami sweeping inland, some 60 miles over farmland in sendai japan, 200 miles north of tok yochlt cars, housings, buildings being swept out with this massive wave. >> it started with an 8.9 magnitude quake that hit around 2:45 p.m. local time. it is the largest quake in japan's recorded history and the fifth strongest quake in the world in the past 111 years. there have been at least 19 aftershocks, including several stronger than last month's devastating quake in new zealand. a tsunami warning has been extended to include hawaii and parts along the u.s. west coast. >> when it starts to hit the continental shelf it moves as fast as 500 miles per hour, the speed of a jumbo jet. the first wave is exp
is just minutes away from hitting hawaii as well. there are now voluntary evacuations along the san mateo county coast because the west coast of the u.s. is also under a tsunami warning. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. well, that's our news. in just a few minutes, a tsunami is set to hit hawaii triggered by that deadly massive 8.9 massive earthquake in japan. jenelle joins us with the very latest. >> kristen, this is the largest earthquake ever recorded in japan's history and one of the largest earthquakes in the history of the world. 8.9 magnitude earthquake hit friday afternoon local time. we want to show you some video because this is the aftermath, this giant tsunami just sweeping over parts of japan wiping out entire towns, cars, rice patties. taking out roads. it's just devastating. the most devastation is hitting in the northern part of japan. that's where the epicenter hit just off the coast of sendi. that's about 200 miles north of tokyo. there's just been tons of aftershock, too, over 50 most of them. but you can see this wall of water just wiping, wiping away, destroying s
well. jeffry is a soldier in the u.s. army telling us what he could see there in oahu in hawaii as this, as the warnings come out to them there could be a six to seven foot tsunami wave hitting them at around 3:00 a.m. local time. about four hours from now. so, we hope the best for them. we are watching that. if you are just joining us, straight to the update in terms of what we know right now, an 8.9 earthquake hitting off the coast. the northeast coast of japan. this only about 230 miles northeast of tokyo. on this map here, you can see the epicenter and the red circle at 230 miles southwest of that is where tokyo is. 13 million people as the buildings were shaking, 8.9 magnitude earthquake. roughly an hour later, tsunami waves hitting the coast of various islands in japan and the aftereffect, you can see in the pictures we are showing you, walls of water moving through. we are hearing up to 10, 11, 12 feet high. could be higher. tsunami waves were just running through. for the most part, when you see the coast of japan, especially on the east side, it is mostly flat lands, mostly far
that what may be coming this way towards hawaii is going to be able to be managed as is, in terms of the ships and the residents there. we have dr. robert cessero on the phone. good morning to you, sir. that must be some good news to you, the fact the u.s. navy decided the pacific fleet can stay put and they don't need to move the ships out of the way. >> caller: i'm puzzled by that. the navy decided it's something they can with stand. >> it is expected to reach hawaii at -- no, 3:00 a.m. >> you are right. 3:00 a.m. local time. the concern being, that's the dead of night. you have people who are asleep, no doubt have no idea what is going on. can you tell me about the establishment in hawaii and which circumstances they would be rung. would that be now? >> they have gone off more than wun once. they will probably continue. i have heard the sirens twice so far. the back door happened to be open and i heard it twice. >> what is your gavest concern at this point, knowing what we know, one meter in terms of wave height you are predicting. what sort of damage can that do? >> it's possi
perspective. 4.5 magnitude earthquake already struck hawaii now as a result and residents bracing for a tsunami after the major earthquake in japan. a tsunami warning has been issued for much of the u.s. west coast. the first wave is expected to hit there at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. that time has shifted. anita vogel is live for us in los angeles with the latest on that. originally they were saying that the first tsunami wave if it's going to hit hawaii, that it would hit the island of kawaii first and 8:00 a.m. eastern time. time has changed? >> i guess so, gretchen, if that's what you're hearing. i was under the impression the first wave would hit at 8:00 a.m. eastern time. if they're watching this wave come across the ocean, the time could be shifting. it's hard to believe that something has happened a world away from us could have an effect on us on the west coast. as we've learned over the past couple of hours, tsunami warnings and advisories have been expanded to include most of the west coast of the united states but not washington. this after that massive earthquake in ja
, tsunami warnings for at least 20 countries. and hawaii and the west coast of the u.s. under warnings as well. let me tell you about this quake. a devastating one, one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded. it was an 8.9 magnitude quake. it hit off the coast of japan overnight. there have been several powerful aftershocks being felt, up to 7.0 in magnitude. the quake was centered 300 miles from tokyo, but it was felt in tokyo. buildings swayed. take a look at these pictures. our bureau there in tokyo as well. some of our co-workers being thrown around at times as well. this is just one of the views inside. people poured out onto the streets afterwards. they say it's a city in chaos right now. the danger we have now, the concern, a tsunami. it did trigger a tsunami, massive waves, some as high as 30 feet, starting to come ashore in places. this wall of water is starting to bring with it -- it's washing away cars, boats, buildings. looks like lava almost making its way through. here's the most stunning picture. waves of mud and debris can be seen like lava flowing through some
to be watching this over the next couple of hours. of course it should shortly hit hawaii and that's going to really give us a good idea of just what kind of tsunami we should expect on the west coast. that should happen in the next hour. we buoys in the pacific, as well. we'll get a better handle on what to expect along the west coast. stay tuned, folks. we have to watch this very closely. we have more coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you, lawrence. >>> now, every bay area county has its office of emergency services up and running this morning. p and running this people want people particularly near the coast and the by to stay tuned to the news for the latest updates. anne makovec is at low-lying crissy field this morning in san francisco and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the ocean is right behind me right now, frank. it is looking calm. but, of course, we are waiting for if the tsunami hits it would be at around 8:00 this morning. we have heard that the office of emergency services is planning on closing the beaches here in san francisco mainly as a precaution
across the pacific, including hawaii and the west coast. we have extended coverage, now, from japan and the u.s. >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for being with us on this very busy news day. a major disaster is unfolding in japan, after a megaearthquake hit overnight. >> now, the quake has triggered a tsunami in the northern part of the country. a 13-foot wall of water, washing away cars, busses, buildings, homes. incredible footage. >> tsunami warnings are postc, in of the pacific, including hawaii, where the coast guard is standing by. a powerful quake was centered around the area of sendai. but it rocked buildings in tokyo, hundreds of miles away. akiko fujita joins us from tokyo this morning. akiko, what is the latest? >> reporter: we are getting new numbers. we now know there are 18 people confirmed dead. that's from our partner out here, nhk. 18 people confirmed dead. and 60 people injured in tokyo alone. keep in mind that tokyo is hours away from the epicenter. 60 people injured in tokyo. we're not getting numbers out of northern japan where the epicenter was. but the numb
or hawaii or any of the places that are under this warning right now. there is plenty of time to act. but when you are thinking about a wall of the water coming toward you, what can people really do? >> reporter: listen i. evacuate? >> reporter: in a case where this earthquake happened, 80 miles from the coast, there is very little warning of that. and obviously, people felt this on the coastal areas, but they don't know where the center was. >> reporter: yes, we will have good information to know if there is a tsunami headed towards hawaii or the west coast. it is far enough away from the epicenterof this earthquake, we will absolutely know when something is coming. and that's great news. and people in hawaii certainly need to be watching this one very closely. people on the west coast, too, as well. you know, it's overnight and people are not paying attention to the news right now. if there would be any concern in the morning, people will need to be on top of that. >> that's the thing you worry about with something like this, when it happens in the wee hours. we have seen it with t
are going to listen in now to our cbs affiliate in hawaii because that tsunami warning is obviously up there and is supposed to hit around 5:00 so in short order there. let's listen in on hawaii. >> if we are going to see anything it might be from one of those cameras. >> so we are about 3 minutes away from the first arrival of the tsunami wave to hawaii. as we look at the water at diamond head lookout and we look at the waves there, i know tim sakahara said earlier he noticed some activity out there and ben, what about you? are you noticing anything right now from this shot? >> nothing particularly unusual. but then again, we are still a ways out. once again, this is live look at the kapahulu area. that's a police helicopter shining their light on the beach now telling people to move. >> all right. and you can see those three people there. but it's still going to be according to the latest estimates 3:21, which is still about 15 minutes away, for honolulu and we are not at a high tide nor low tide. we are pretty much at a medium tide at the moment. but nothing really unusual that we c
and people. it put hawaii and the west coast on guard. >>> a reporter record the tsunami alarms going off overnight due to tsunami warnings. people are encouraged to head inland and towards higher ground. the warnings have been issued for at least 20 countries including the u.s. west coast. >>> good morning i am sherrie johnson. we have team coverage and live reports from around the u.s. and the world this morning. we kick things off with abc's emily schmidt live in washington with how white house officials are responding. >> reporter: the earthquake lasted second but the catastrophe continues to spread. there are tsunami warnings stretching across the a sick and waves are hitting hawaii right now. largest quake in japan's history shook a nation. and triggered tsunami waves that threatened the u.s. west coast. forcing evacuations in hawaii. >> it's time for a little aloha and a little you keep it simple and sensible and moving. >> reporter: cameras capture the moment the earthquake hit in japan. for lawmakers gathered for government, the newsroom shaken up by the 8.9 magnitude earthquake.
obama senior's world. he came to america in 1959, he went to hawaii. you refer to a 1965 essay that he wrote and which problems facing us are socialism and he called himself an african specialist. to describe that essay in the context of debates within kenya and it was. when we think of anticolonialism we think there are different species of anticolonialism. it was more pro-western, more pre-market, it was tom, obama's tauter's mentor. he was more on the left and then on the far left and he was basically pro-soviet and so you have these species of anticolonialism. talk a little bit about that landscape. it's fascinating people often think about anticolonialism as one thing, but it actually has many different colors. >> guest: it was an exciting time in kenya because they had at long last gotten their independence in 1963 and all the students in the american universities for all pulling back into my robie to get jobs in government most of which had been vacated by the british who were going home. and was a very exciting time in which the government would try to find out really what sort
is hawaii war tsunami warning is in effect. justin berk has more. >> we are getting it on both fronts. good morning. let's check it out. this quake that hit off the coast of northeastern japan 8.9 magnitude, it is one of the largest recorded. rank number 7th in recorded seismic history. we are looking at a quake that had influenced the city in a population of roughly 2 million people affected by this. and tokyo 230 miles away where buildings collapsed. a tsunami 33 feet tall seriously this is on par with that sue moth are a quake that took place in 2004. and warnings around the pacific. so let's take you there. tsunami travel times taking and it would hit them at 2:46 local time, taking about 8 to 9 hours to reach hawaii. it puts them at 8 in the morning local time. 8:07 to be exact our time. that would be 3:07 their time. good morning america will be on that. we have warnings taking you to the west coast of the u.s. you can see the red shadeings, central california, all the way up through oregon. we continue to watch that wave work its way across the pacific. and locally, we a
's hitting hawaii this past hour and the west coast is now bracing for an impact later this morning. we have live reports. and we're going to hear from fema director right here ondale rundo daily rundown. >> let's get to the rundown. we will start with the breaking news out of japan. a catastrophic 8.9 earthquake in japan today. the largest earthquake in japan's recorded history. the latest death poll, the ap is reporting japanese police saying 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the northeastern coastal area. the quake sent tsunami waves barreling across the pacific, coming on shore in hawaii about an hour ago and expected to strike the west coast next. take a look at some of the pictures we've got. waves as high as 6 feet, flowing across low-lying coastal sections of the hawaiian islands. it's dark there, of course, about five hours earlier than east coast time. so residents in hawaii will be waking up to this. they've been told to evacuate to higher ground. in the tsunami's path, also the west coast, where high waves are expected to arrive within the next two to three hours. a spokesman
at that, the hawaii islands now braced for up to 10 foot high waves expected to hit in about a half an hour. >> good morning, everyone. i'm eric thomas. it's 4:30 a.m. >> i'm kristen sze. let's begin with the 8.9 magnitude earthquake that spawned a deadly tsunami. >> the numbers, 40 dead, 39 people missing. did you see the pictures of water rushing inland pushing cars along in front of it. it looks like it comes from a disaster movie. jenelle begins in the news room with details. >> eric, we just got an update seconds ago. the death toll is 60 and it's going to rise rapidly. it's devastating, surreal. it's unbelievable. the earthquake lasted for just a few seconds. as you can see, the aftermath it just destructive and devastating. powerful tsunami waves taking out cities, rice patties, fields, cars. people literally running for their lives. airports have been totally been destroyed. this earthquake happened about seven hours ago, 2:46 local time in japan just off the northeastern coast about 200 miles north of tokyo. it was a magnitude 8.9. we hear there's been as many as 40 aftersh
. same warning in effect. reports of waves already hitting the coast of hawaii after one of the biggest earthquakes the world has ever seen. 8.9 quake hting japan overnight. the waves now barreling towards the u.s. pictures we are seeing out of japan are unimaginable. it's wave after wave literally swallowing up cars, boats and homes. some terrifying moments in an airport outside of tokyo when the quake hit. watch this video. now there is one report. you find the capital city of tokyo. that report that confirmed. but an earthquake of horrific proportions causing buildings to shake and the tsunami that followed. seldom have we seen images like this. welcome to "america's newsroom." martha: this quake struck just after 3:00 p.m. local time in japan while most of us were sleeping. this was the scene. unbelievably powerful waves crashing ashore causing wired spread destruction. there are massive fires being dealt with and a nuclear emergency. we have more details on that. bill: there was so much to watch and do have, we'll do our best it, the 7th largest earthquake ever record. it's the lar
warnings for hawaii, and the organic coast line. >> reporter: catastrophic images are pouring out of japan. 8.9 magnitude earthquake rocked the area friday afternoon. in the city to a half hours north of tokyo people were fleeing from buildings, comforting each other. mass of some on his have been reported. >> caller: is like a monster movie seeing this stuff wiping out the coast line. is generally from that area. there has been some heart wrenching footage of cars racing away from the water. we don't know if these people needed a way or not. just watching it is terrifying. >> reporter: people is that this office ran for cover when the building began to shake. this is video from the cnn tokyo bureau. in mock tv monitors off the walls. they're still assessing the damage. >> james: we have a google earth animation showing you the epicenter, the closest city was impacted by those mass of flood waters we saw from the tsunami. you see all the agricultural area. buildings were being carried over farm land. we saw cars bobbing in the water, falling over the edge of a waterfall. this is the area w
is with us. you are fresh from hawaii here. i know in hawaii, tsunamis, you know, because of the region are something that people drill for and are worried about. >> so what's going on there right now from what you can tell us? >> i talked briefly with a couple of friends, everyone is being called back in. they honestly don't know anything except there is a tsunami watch for the region and they are predicting that it could hit hawaii if it's coming that way around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. their time. they are very concerned and you know, more than a year ago, you remember the very large chile january earthquake that happened last february. we had a tsunami scare that time, but the question here is because we were expecting something to come in and it was very minor, it was very minor. you know, we are worried that people in hawaii may not take this as seriously because last time it was a problem. >> what kind of precautions do people under fake? >> in hawaii, every single phone book has areas and show you the most dangerous places to be. the low laying areas on the coast. you look to see w
it reaches hawaii. normally they try to keep that information to a minimum until they get into a 3 hour window from hawaii. that point they make a switch from a watch situation to a situation where the data indicates the wave height is substantial in hawai hawaii. so i'm sorry i don't have that information. maybe they have already made that determination. they are running these model for the entire pacific and forecasting the travel time as we speak i'm sure. >> david i know this is guess work here but how far l inland if a tsunami does hit the hawaiian islands, how far inland could the water reach just to give people an idea of how significant an event it could potentially be. if you see 10 meter weight they probably many, many hundreds of feet and perhaps half mile with broad river valley. so it can be forecast and i'm sure that's what they are doing in the warning center right now. >> hour and a half our 40 minutes ago or so and we weren't to stay on the air to bring people the latest information. you are looking at live picture from north japan that got hit by something on th
hawaii to alaska, is under a tsunami warning. this morning, we are live in japan with the very latest on the damage, and we'll tell you just how much of the u.s. could be at risk. "early" this friday morning, be at risk. "early" this friday morning, march 11th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >>> those pictures and that sound give you a very good idea of just what people in japan are dealing with this morning. those shots, of course, of the magnitude 8.9 quake which hit just about 2:46 local time. >> the images, as you can see, are devastating. and that quake triggered a tsunami. some waves reported as high as 30 feet high, and that wall of mud just sweeping away everything in its path right now. the death toll in the area is on the rise. buildings in tokyo, which are currently on fire right now, 4 million buildings in the region without power. so this is a devastating situation that we're watching unfold minute by minute right now. >> indeed we are. you imagine tokyo is about 230 miles south of the city closest to where this earthquake hit. that is really making its way through japan.
't yet seen a noaa for tsunami warnings. i haven't seen a warning for the west coast as yet. the hawaii tsunami office issues the warnings for everything but the west coast of the united states. and they have put out a warning -- or a watch for the whole pacific basin. it looks like in hawaii, it's going to be coming in probably in the middle of the night. let's see. it's going to be about -- yeah, it will probably be about 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. in hawaii when the tsunami is coming in, which is probably a good thing. the sirens will probably get people near the beach to get up and away, you don't want them to be sleeping there. >> to get to higher ground, sure. >> to get to higher ground. the west coast, we've got to wait and hear what's going to be said about that. >> dr. jones -- sorry, go ahead. >> i'm sorry. if a watch or warning does come out, the main thing is just stay away from the beach. don't be stupid. >> absolutely. dr. jones, i want you to stand by, if you can. i want to bring back in arata. he's our nbc tokyo producer. we know, arata, if people are just tuning in, that you exp
tsunami warning center in hawaii is saying a tsunami warning is in effect for a large part of the pacific. the tsunami warning, in effect for japan, russia, the marqes islands. it is also issued for guam, thailand, the philippines and hawaii. japan's nhk said a small tsunami hit the shore near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. local time. they warn that a tsunami as high as 20 feet could strike the cause near miagi. the pacific tsunami center says the tsunami warning is in effect for a large part of the pacific and the weather agency is warning that a tsunami as high as 10 feet could hit the north eastcoastline of japan. there are no reports of injuries. ia pan has been rocked by several earthquakes in 7 days, including 7.3 magnitude on wednesday. once again, a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake, rocking japan. and there is a warning that a tsunamiy that could end up being as high as 10 feet could hit the northeast coastline. also, we are getting fresh reports in. we told you other countries have been issued a warning, including japan, rushia, the marques islands and a tsunami watch in guam, t
himself. obama's maternal mom grew up in kansas and lived in seattle and hawaii and she come from an a-bohemian background and he traced his family very far back. i want to read some of the names from the ancestors. hussein obama and that's the grandfather. opeal, agola, and ogello. you're going back to 1624. why this -- why this ancient history? >> well, what's interesting from what you say that you might have noticed that old names began with o and the louo tribe and that's the obama tribe came from tribe, they males have the letter start with o and the women start with a. when obama was elected, even when he was a candidate in the campaign, there were books written about him and newspaper articles and tv programs but they all concentrated on his life in america and there's another whole half to obama that i felt was really being -- not being addressed and that was his kenyan side. and so when he was elected president in november, i decided that it would be really interesting to go out to kenya and research and explore the background and i intended to make a documentary. that was my
that there is a tsunami warning for guam, indonesia, and specifically hawaii. let's talk about some of the other areas that we could see some possible damage here. >> yeah. the problem with a tsunami is the fact that, the people in japan are aware of the tsunami hazards, simply because they just felt the earthquake. okay? as we go farther away to areas like guam and even hawaii, in which people have not felt the earthquake, they have no notion that there is an actual hazard on the way. so this is the reason why in which we need, and we have in place a specific tsunami warning center to send out these alerts, particularly since it will take several hours, if there's actually a tsunami wave, several hours to reach hawaii. so there is time, if needed, to evacuate coastal areas. same goes for guam. that is exactly the reason the tsunami watch is so important. >> and obviously people should be tuning in to their local stations, wherever they're watching, if they're in an area that's at risk. and rely on their local folks to give them that indication. i know after the recent quake in chile, we saw that, and
and found one in hawaii, barack, senior. here's the interesting thing when he dumped her, which he did going on to harvard, she married another for third world guy, indonesia and took yondah obama into indonesia and becomes more pro-western, more pro-american and his mother became very antagonistic and would attack him and say to young barack don't be like this guy, people like your real man. he was uncompromising, he had ideals. so here's my point. i do think that his mother had an enormous influence on him. she was his father's first convert and so she was the one who elevated in his mind this mythical larger-than-life image of the father and then as obama grew older it was a shock for him to realize my father isn't quite this romantic sort of donaghey of kenya but was a very flawed man and that is when obama undertake this journey to africa and finds out for himself the great thing you write about obama and the family grave and weeping. so let's talk more about barack obama, senior's world. he came to america in 1959. he went to hawaii. you referred to in 1965 essay he wrote in which prob
up in kansas and move to seattle and in hawaii. even she comes out of a somewhat beginning american background. you focus on his father site and you trace it pretty far back. if i could just, i want to read the names of some of the ancestors here, the grandfather, jaramogi oginga odinga, jomo kenyatta. you're going back to 1624. why this ancient history? >> well, what's interesting for what you said, you might have noticed that old names began with oh, and actually the luo tribe, which the obama came from, they name all their mails with the letter of. and the women have a name starting with the letter a. it's because really when obama was elected, even when he was a candidate in the campaign, there were books and tv programs but they all concentrate on his life in america. there's another whole have to obama that i felt was really being, not being addressed. and that was his keen insight. and so -- his kenyan site. when he was elected in november, i decided that i would be arrested got to kenya to research, explore the background. and ashley intended to make a documentary. that was
. evacuations are already underway in hawaii. >> it's going to be an experiment to watch this thing unfold. this was not expected. you don't see these things but once in a lifetime really. >> japan is a country used to earthquakes. it's in the ring of fire, but this has been catastrophic. the first waves are expected to hit hawaii in a little over an hour from now. the tsunami should reach california by 7:30 pacific time. that's 10:30 here. the impact on the u.s. is difficult to predict. >> let's get a little more about what's happening. rob williams is an analyst. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. >> give us a little more insight into the severity of what we're dealing with. >> yeah. this is a great earthquake. it's probably going to crack the top 5 in terms of magnitude since 1900. it's a very big earthquake. it occurred about 2:45 p.m. local time. obviously, it caused a lot of problems with the tsunami. >> that's one of the things we're watching now is what happens with the tsunami. another thing we're keeping an eye on is when it comes to aftershocks. there were some right
has been reported in hawaii. the entire west coast of the united states is under tsunami warning with waves expected to reach 6-7 feet. >> these are the first moments of terror. the biggest earthquake in 140 years brings life to a frightening halt friday afternoon. the epicenter, at 81 miles of japan's northeast coast, home to more than 1 million people. the tremors could be felt 230 mi. away in tokyo. it turned this meeting at the parliament building to chios. -- chaos. this oil refinery now an inferno. utility companies shut down reactors, leaving more than 4 million people without electricity. then came the tsunami. waves as high as 33 feet swallowed everything in the path, sleeping cars and trucks in a torrent of water. it up and it puts in a port city. -- upended boats and a port city. in this disaster, there was no defense. stranded people surrendered to the power of nature. life in japan has come to stop. bullet trains are not running to the north, an underground and suburban trains around tokyo have also stopped. >> folks vacationing in hawaii are gathered in their hotels
3 3 -- tsunami waves reach hawaii -- long lines at gas reach hawaii-- tsunami waves reach hawaii-- long lines at 3 gas pump as people get ready to evacuate.-- parts of washington state, california and oregon also being evacuated.-- 200-300 bodies found in japan after 8.9 found in japan after 8.9 earthquake. -- communities along much of the west coast facing tsunami warniigs too. 3 3 3 3 3 governor o'malley declares a state of emergency because of the torrential rains. raiis.the national guard was called to active service.roads were closed...and some areas evacuated. and the effect of all that rain is far reaching. joel d. smith is live in mt. washington where many businesses were evacuated yesterday. good morning joel d. how does it look now? good morning joel d. yesterdaa's seemingly endless rain... caused problems for residents all across the region.but nothing beats what happened to one ohio family's home. home.take a look... the sparks family watched... as their home was swept away by a nearby river.the owner says he spent thh last 27 years of his life in that hom
1900. hawaii and other parts of the pacific are bracing for a destructive tsunami triggered by an 8.9 earthquake out of japan. it shows a massive 23-foot wall of watter that swept boats, cars, buildings and tons of debris inland. 32 people have now died in the quake. a figure that is expected to rise. a tsunami warning is now in place for the entire u.s. west coast. that means coastal communities in washington, oregon, california and southern alaska should be on alert and prepared for possible evacuation. a warning is also in place for hawaii, which was struck by a smaller 4.5 earthquake earlier today. now, there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage in hawaii but the state is bracing for the first waves from the tsunami which are expected to hit at 8:00 a.m. eastern time this morning. now, ahead of that, tsunami sirens were sounded and coastal areas are being evacuated. fires triggered by the earthquake were burning out of control up and down japan's coast, including one at an i'll refinery. according to the country's prime minister there was, quote, major damage in northe
, philippines and in the indonesian. it covers hawaii and the u.s. territory of guam. >> now large ship has rammed directly into a break water. quake rocked the tv newsroom in northern japan. look what happened here. everything swa swayed and falls. >> shaking forced officials to shut down japan famed bullet train system and tokyo subway to be checked for damages. this hit in the middle of the afternoon and already friday in japan. >> fire broke out throughout tokyo. 240 miles from the quake epi-center. people streamed out of high-rise to seek safety in the street. >> both major airport in tokyo closed their runway and several nuclear power plants have been shut down as well. >> the quake realitiesed japan parliament as legislators met in toke yochlt several after shock followed the quake including one measuring 7. 4. that was an after shock. 30 minutes after the quake tall buildings were still swaying in tokyo. >> joining us live is dr. robert hammer with uc berkeley size meteorology department. this is just a massive earthquakement can you describe for us the power that an 8.8 quak
of people are starting their spring breaks. getting going in hawaii. airports are closing. mike joins us now. caller: good morning, pam. >> what can you tell us about the flights effected here and in and out of hawaii. we have a lot of flights going to and from hawaii. caller: the last i heard this is a couple hours ago honolulu international was still open. but for hawaii flights we had several cancellations. united flights from san francisco has been canceled. the flight that took off yesterday was devoted to tay koa that air force. it took off before the earthquake. it will be here around 7:10 local time. the return flight has been canceled. i have no current information from jl yet and the last carrier ana their flight from san francisco to marina it has been canceled. >> mike, any predictions for a ripple effect? caller: you know it will be a long time to figure this out. i've had conflicting information from the status in marina. but it will be very long haul until we can figure out what the status operations will be. >> we are looking at pretty intense video from a tsunami that came
, hawaii and the coast including mexico, chile and peru. earlier the center issued a warning for japan, russia, guam, wake island and taiwan. the pacific tsunami warning has extended the area for tsunami warnings may strike. obviously the tsunami has already struck these areas. some of the cars there plunging into the water. the tsunami affecting the prefecture just about a few hundred kilometers north of tokyo. for our viewers that are just tuning in, this is a warning out for indonesia, hawaii, australia, new zealand, mexico, chile, peru, russia, the north marianas, guam, taiwan. first tsunamis of course not necessarily the largest. the sea draws back, a tsunami can hit the coast at a rapid speed. obviously of what is happening to many cities in northern japan. i spoke to an expert earlier this week when a tsunami does hit. do not climb in the cars. move by foot. move by foot to higher ground as soon as possible. this is not just a japan story anymore. we're talking about tsunamis. possibly hitting indonesia, hawaii, australia, new zealand, pacific coast including mexico, chile and p
. they also had people helping get everyone out. >> this was not routine for hawaii, but you have had tsunami warnings before. >> for some reason, i had a feeling that this one was going to be real and probably just more damaging. so it's been really hard to sleep all night because i've been watching the news just waiting. we just saw pictures that the ocean receded about a hundred yards into the ocean. no one has ever seen that before here on the islands. it's pretty scary to see the water go back into the ocean. you can see the reef and coral. it's pretty scary. >> we have seen some of the pictures there from khon out there in hawaii. what we're hearing from people there is that these first waves may be just the beginning. the water just receding back really far. there could be more wave action coming. are you out of the woods yet? >> i don't think so. i guess these tsunamis are unpredictable. you don't know when they are going to hit and how they are going to hit. so they said the first wave was going to hit the islands probably 40 minutes ago. so we're still watching to see if anything is
into place in hawaii and other parts of the west coast. dave used to live in baltimore and he was the former gm of the ed block crnlg awards and joins us live via skype from hawaii -- block courage awards and joins us live via skype from hawaii. can you tell us what's happening there? dave, can you hear us? can you set the scene for what you are seeing? dave k. you hear us? >> barely. >> can you tell us what's going on there. >> yes. they have this tsunami warning. it's 1:01 here in the morning. and the tsunami warning has come and they said the impact is supposed to be at 3:07 for the hawaiian islands. and the last word report that i heard is it's going to be to be a 6 -- it's going to be a 6 foot wall of water hitting the island. >> is there panic as far as gas prices? are people lining up? >> there hasn't been that much panic. there's been a lot of lines and things for gas for everybody to gas up. it's very much just like a blizzard back in baltimore where you sit up all night and watch the tv and everybody goes out and gets milk and bread and toilet paper and gases up the car to come hom
a warning for hawaii stretching to taiwan and indonesia and russia, columbia and peru. there was a tsunami watch for the western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican border to alaska. the height of the waves could be highier than some low lying places in the pacific. the un has 30 search and rescue teams are on alert. >> the event is taking japan by surprise, even for a place that's used to earthquakes. >> yeah, the earthquakes here are very -- well, part of the ordinary day. it's something you feel frequently. to feel something like this in a few days is alarming. i saw a few minute clutching each other. everyone here is trying to get on their phones and trying to find out if everyone's okay. >> 31 people are already confirmed dead. we'll continue the coverage in a minute. turning back to baltimore. the flooding here is treacherous. andrea fujii has an update on flooding here this morning. >> reporter: hi, jessica, good morning, everyone. maryland is in a state of emergency, the national guard is in active service. take a look at the jones falls behind us. we were here 2
in the past 111 years. >> the tsunami has already reached hawaii where many people have been evacuated from coastal areas and there is a tsunami warning up and down the west coast. al is upstairs with the latest. the news is good, al. >> that's good news but it doesn't mean the west coast is out of the woods yet. we'll explain why in a second. you get the earthquake off the japanese coast. the tectonic plates are shifting, causing a rise in the ocean floor. that generates the earthquake which, in turn, generates a shock wave which sends out a wave that as it makes its way won't be that fast. as it hit it is continental shelf it speeds up and causes big problems. even though it showed little impact in hawaii, here's the problem. as we take a look at the west coast and why there is still a tsunami warning in effect. the distance from hawaii to the west coast, about 2500 miles. so it's still moving slowly. we have a tsunami warning from coastal areas, california, oregon to point conception to the oregon/washington border. seattle we expect 11:44 a.m. eastern time. california, san francisco, 11
when we're done talking about the tsunami here. one point about hawaii and the islands further to the south and east of the philippines here, again, the indonesia earthquake back in '04, we have that 9.1, right? look at all the land masses here that will essentially be buffeting the water as it was moving in here. the earthquake this time happened here. look at all the open space that that water has to travel. so that's going to propagate to the south, to the east, and, again, you're not protected if you're facing one way or the other on the shoreline. the tsunami will surround you. that's difficult to kind of grasp. it actually propagates and encompasses entire islands, and so really no one is safe, and that's why we continue to hear the civil sirens going off in hawaii. we have our folks down there, and we'll continue to bring you updates live if we can get them from folks, if they can do it from safety. so, again, a specific tsunami warning now under a widespread tsunami threat for basically the entire pacific basic with few exceptions, anna. over 50 countries will be impact
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